Thursday, 27 February 2014

Trawangan Dive Career Development Center | IDC Gili Islands | 2014

In 2013 Trawangan Dive received the prestigious rating of PADI Career Development Center (CDC) making it the only PADI Career Development Center in the Gili Islands and the entire Lombok region. Our PADI Course Director recently also received the Platinum PADI Course Director rating making her the only resident Platinum PADI Course Director in the Gili Islands. So getting a successful and rewarding career as a scuba diving Instructor couldn’t be easier and Trawangan Dive can provide you with every opportunity to transform your life and make your dreams happen.

Our IDC runs each and every month here in Gili Trawangan and is run on a 10/11 day schedule and trains candidates to a level over and above that generally expected within industry giving instructors the best start in their new career. Our Platinum PADI Course Director has been working within the industry for well over a decade and has worked in a number of dive related roles and in a variety of worldwide locations, so therefore has a wealth of experience and is always available to advise her candidates on specific job openings and is able to provide advice on specific dive locations.

Being a PADI CDC Center means not only do we meet a certain requirement for our quality of Instructor training, but also a certain standard of the training facilities. Our career enhancing programs also aim to give instructors the chance to develop their career with their specific interests and goals in mind allowing them to follow their careers as a PADI Instructor whilst also pursuing other professional ambitions. For example a person who has a passion for the environment, but also wishes to become a PADI Instructor may wish to consider the PADI IDC Indonesia Biorock Program which allows candidates to learn more about the ocean and ways in which we can protect and conserve it. The Biorock Program teaches students about coral gardening, maintenance, transplants and about the actual Borock structures. During the program participants will design, build and install their own structure.  For those who want to learn more about the actual business of diving we run the PADI IDC Indonesia KomodoLivaboard internship program which allows candidates to finish their IDC here in Gili Trawangan and travel to Komodo where they will join our exclusive Livaboard vessel a learn about all the aspects of running a successful Livaboard operation, shadowing our cruise directors all the way.

If you’re interested in joining our exclusive PADI IDC Course than check out our IDC Indonesia website for more information.

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